Piccini's story began in 1882 with Angiolo Piccini, who owned only 7 ha of vineyards in the Chianti area. Even today, Piccini is still 100% family owned by Mario and Martina Piccini who mark the 4th generation. Piccini is one of the few wineries in Italy that has a female winemaker. In one of the most traditionally male-dominated industries Antonella has had huge success producing world-class wines and winning international acclaim.

Winemaking details

Antonella Conti

Regional info

This Chianti was produced using Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown on the rolling vineyards located in the famous Chianti region in Tuscany. These hills are thought to be the centre of Italian wine-making and it is here that the Sangiovese grape thrives


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