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Buller Calliope Muscat NV 375mL

This blend represents the newest bottled offerings from this Rutherglen producer, an area that produces spectacular fortifieds, especially the Muscats and Tokays (actually Muscadelle). Its freshness, good acidity, soaring aromatics, and unctuous flavors must be tasted to be believed. Drink now or cellar.


£ 40.00 / Bottle £ 91.30 / Bottle
Sold by: Pack Size 6

Chambers Grand Muscat NV 375mL

Sourced from material aged between six and ten years old, this wine is the foundation of the style; displaying the fresh raisin aromas, rich fruit, clean spirit and great length of flavor on the palate which are the mark of all the Muscats of Rutherglen. Drink now or cellar.

£ 39.00 / Bottle £ 41.50 / Bottle
Sold by: Pack Size 12

Dutschke Estate Muscat NV 375mL

The Muscat is a blend of North East Victorian Muscat which has "trickled" into Barossa Muscat and now some of the neighboring, Wally Krieg's red Muscat into over the recent years. This Muscat shows richness and a complexity of flavours. Fruitcake, toffee, raisins, coffee, combining with the natural grape sweetness, oak and alcohol produce a wine style uniquely Australian. Drink now or cellar.

£ 30.00 / Bottle £ 34.95 / Bottle
Sold by: Pack Size 6

Dutschke The Tawny 22 Year Old Port blend NV 375mL

Blend is made up of a huge list of varieties including Verdelho, Grenache, Shiraz, Touriga, White Muscat and Palomino. Some of these components date back over 30 years, and are responsible for adding the lusciousness and the distinctive rancio (butterscotch) characters we find in this wine. This year I topped up the old base blend with a little old Verdelho, and Touriga. Plenty of rich, rancio, butterscotch flavours and fine drying oak tannins, warm alcohol and fantastic length of flavour. Drink now or cellar.
£ 40.99 / Bottle £ 49.58 / Bottle
Sold by: Pack Size 6

Dutschke The Tokay Tokay NV 375mL

The Tokay shows plenty of caramel, toffee and nutty like characters and has a sweet, rich, luscious palate, finishing round and a touch dry from the oak tannin and warm alcohol. Drink now or cellar.

£ 26.99 / Bottle £ 29.95 / Bottle
Sold by: Pack Size 6
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