Clarendon Hills


Clarendon Hills, 25 miles south of Adelaide, was established in 1989 by Roman Bratasiuk, the owner/winemaker. All the vineyards are within six kilometres of the winery. The quality of the wine can be attributed to a number of things.

Firstly the age of the vines, the town Clarendon was established in 1845 and today many of the vineyards surrounding the winery are over seventy years old; the twisted bush vines are dry farmed and the grapes are hand picked. Secondly the soil variation and quality, the soil profiles of each winery are very different. This difference, from the rock and shale of Piggott Range to the heavy clay of the Clarendon Grenache Vineyard.

Special parcels of grapes are selected from old dry grown vineyards in the Clarendon, Blewitt Springs and Kangarilla sub regions of South Australia. There are now fifteen single vineyard wines and they are 100% varietal producing rich complex wines that will age very well in the cellar.

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