Champagne Lelieur

Based in the Aube in the very South of Champagne, CVCA is the major independent cooperative in Champagne and the largest grower of Pinot Noir in the region. Not just a Blanc de Noirs specialist, CVCA is often referred to by industry leaders as THE up and coming producer in Champagne.

In 1956 a group of pioneering family growers grouped together in the small village of Ville-sur-Arce in the south of Champagne with the aim of producing a range of Champagnes to compete with some of the most respected "Grandes Marques". More than 50 years later and these families have finally realised their dream. 'Lelieur' is a local name given to 'The Craftsman' and this stunning vintage Champagne is a masterclass in blending in the cellar.

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